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Payday Alternative Loan

Payday Alternative Loan

When you need quick cash before your direct deposit, DFCU's Payday Alternative Loan provides fast funds without variable rates or accruing fees.

Explore the benefits!

Amounts up to $2,000

Minimum is $200

Fixed rate

28% APR* — obtain 18% APR
with Payroll Deduction

Flexible repayment terms

Terms up to 12 months!

GOOD CREDIT NOT NEEDED FOR APPROVAL. Debt ratio and direct deposit are key factors for approval. Approval not guaranteed.
Online application
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Or call us at 562.862.8141

  • Must be a DFCU member for at least 3 months to be eligibile
  • Full Direct Deposit amount required

  • *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Same-day approval and funds disbursement not guaranteed. Typically for this product, if applications are submitted and signed by 4:00 pm, same-day approval and funds disbursement applies. Rates quoted are the best possible rate for each tier based on credit score and other factors and include rate discounts for Shield Elite Checking account holders and direct deposit into a DFCU checking account. Other rates and terms are available. The actual rate you qualify for will be based on credit history and other factors. DFCU underwriting guidelines apply. Must be DFCU member for three months to be eligible for DFCU Payday Alternative Loan (PAL), must be in good standing to be eligible, no more than three PAL will be approved per rolling six months. Maturity date(s) will be based on loan amount(s). Only one PAL at any given time. Direct Deposit required. Not eligible if member has bankruptcy 13 or 7 if stated by member or verifying upon credit check. Maximum loan amount will be determined by calculating 30% of members gross monthly income, and maximum loan term is 12 months. 10% discount if loan is paid through Payroll Deduction(s). (Payment example: $2,000 loan for 24 months at 28% APR would require 24 payments of $111.01). PAL application fee is $20 and non-refundable. Rates are subject to change without notice.
    • DFCU's Payday Alternative Loan application fee is $20 and non-refundable