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Have some extra cash this month - take advantage of our Skip-A-Pay Program!

It's easy. Log into your Online Banking Account or the DowneyFCU mobile app to complete the form, or call us! Once logged into your Online Banking Account, click Transfer & Pay and Loan Skip-A-Pay to submit your request. There's just a $50 fee per loan skipped.

How it works: Complete the Skip-A-Pay request at least 5 days before your loan's due date. Then simply skip that month's payment.

Note: Interest will continue to accrue during the month that your payment is skipped, and the term of your loan will be extended. If your loan is paid via payroll deduction or automatic payment transfer, the amount normally applied to your loan will be deposited into your share account.

Do it now! You can skip on an eligible loan every 6 payments - submit your request today!

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Interested in Skip–A–Pay?

Simply provide your name and phone number and we’ll give you a call.

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Or call us at 562.862.8141

Terms and Conditions: Members are eligible to use DFCU's Skip-a-Pay service after six (6) consecutive payments on eligible loans, loan must be in good standing. If you do not include the $50 skip processing fee with your request or if there are insufficient funds available in the account you specify to pay the fee, your Skip-A-Pay request will not be processed and your regularly scheduled loan payment must be paid. If you take advantage of this Skip-A-Pay offer, your loan will continue to accrue interest during that time. While deferring your next loan payment will extend the term of your loan, you always have the option of making additional or larger payments in the future with no prepayment penalty to pay down your loan faster. By accepting this offer, you request that Downey Federal Credit Union (DFCU) defer your next loan payment for the loan indicated. You also understand and agree that: (1) finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan agreement, during and after that time; (2) deferring your next payment will result in you having to pay higher total finance charges than if you made your payments as originally scheduled; (3) this payment deferral will extend the term of your loan by one month and you will have to make extra payments after your loan would otherwise be paid off; and (4) you will be required to resume your next regularly scheduled monthly payment in the month following the deferred payment. All payment deferral requests are subject to DFCU approval. All DFCU accounts must in good standing. All your DFCU loans must be current (have no amounts past due) at the time you choose to accept this offer for your qualifying loan. Certain other restrictions may apply.

More info

  • Loan has to be on the books for 6 months
  • 6 loan payments must be made before another payment can be skipped
  • Loans must be current - future payments only
  • Must be a minimum monthly payment of $100
  • Minimum balance of $1,000.00 remaining on the loan
  • No more than 1 late charge in the past 6 months
  • $50 fee for each skipped loan