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Tools for Teachers: Empowering Educators

Tools for Teachers: Empowering Educators

Since our inception in 1965, Educators have been an important piece in DFCU's Journey. Fast forward to present day, we're thrilled to be able to offer an array of resources for our Educators and School Faculty community.

Resources for your wallet

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Resources for the classroom

Student Enrichment Grants ― Apply Now

Annually in December, we award grants ranging from $250 to $1,000 to deserving educators within our membership field, which can be utilized for enriching student experiences through equipment, field trips, or specialized programs.

Bite of Reality

Bite of Reality is a money management app simulation for 9th to 12th-grade students, where they create monthly budgets by navigating real-world profiles and visiting stations to experience financial decision-making, including interactions with salespeople and expenses, offering a hands-on glimpse into personal finance.

Moneysmart Jr.

Money Smart Jr. is a financial education game for 3rd to 5th graders, challenging them to make wise spending decisions as they navigate through six stations, managing income and expenses while learning essential money skills.

Financial Wellness

DFCU regularly hosts financial education presentations at local schools, churches, and community centers. We have presented on topics such as:

  • Home-Buying
  • Credit Cards
  • Saving for College
  • Credit Building
  • And More!

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We also create and customize presentations based on the needs of our audience.

If you are interested in bringing any of these financial wellness workshops to your school or organization please contact our Community Engagement Specialist, Jazlyn Acebal, at or 562.862.8141 ext.306.