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Zero Percent Rate or Zero Fee

You Decide!

Zero Percent Rate or Zero Fee

Spend a little too much this past holiday season? Start the year right with our Balance Transfer deals.
Consolidate all your credit cards and debt into one low monthly payment. For a limited time, YOU CHOOSE WHAT'S BEST: $0 Fees or 0% Rate! Either way, you save!

Zero Balance Transfer Fee
2.95% APR1 For 12 Months

  • $0 Balance Tansfer Fee

. . . OR . . .

Zero Percent Rate
0% APR1 For 12 Months

  • 3% Balance Transfer Fee

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The average APR on department store credit cards is a whopping 23.23%.

The national average APR for variable-rate cards is 16.20%.

The average APR for balance transfers is 14.4%.

Check out our low credit card rates here!

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1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Members have a choice of a Balance Transfer rate of 2.95% APR for twelve (12) billing cycles from the date of the initial balance transfer with NO balance transfer fees, OR, a Balance Transfer rate of 0% for twelve (12) billing cycles from the date of the initial Balance Transfer with a 3% balance transfer fee of the total balance(s) transferred. The chosen promotional rate will apply to subsequent Balance Transfers based on the original balance transfer transaction date. Promotional rates apply to qualifying Downey Federal Credit Union (DFCU) credit cards, for transfers made from 01.16.2017-05.31.2017. Minimum advance amount is $500. Balance transfers are allowed up to the credit card’s available limit, minus the potential 3% balance transfer fee. Balance Transfers are subject to membership in good standing, account status, delinquency, and credit availability. Effective after 12 billing cycles from the initial balance transfer, all credit cards will default to the standard rate that the member qualified for at the time of opening. Platinum Card purchase APR as low as 9.99%, and Classic Card purchase APR as low as 13.20%. Rates, fees and terms are subject to change at any time. All new applications are subject to terms, conditions and credit approval. Offer valid only for balance transfers from credit cards and loan balances from other financial institutions. No transfers allowed from any DFCU credit cards or loans. You may not use a Balance Transfer to make payment on this or any other credit/loan account issued by DFCU. To maintain the promotional rate the account must remain in good standing, and may increase to the Standard Rate upon default or other delinquency related reason.
The promotional Annual Percentage Rate (APR) offer is a limited time promotional APR that is lower than the Standard Rate and Terms provided in our Credit Card Agreement. Only promotional Balance Transfers that are identified as the Promotional Offer are eligible to receive the promotional rate and terms. Transfers/transactions via Convenience Checks, Home Banking, or regular purchases and cash advances do not qualify, and are subject to the standard rate and terms of the Credit Card Agreement. Finance Charges accrue from the initial transaction date. The Average Daily Balance Method as described in our Credit Card Agreement (and periodic statement) is used to compute your balance amount subject to finance charge. There is no payment grace period for Balance Transfers. If payment is late, credit card rate will default to the rate the member qualified for and any remaining balances will accrue at the regular non-promotional APR. If you pay late or exceed your credit limit, then as of the first day of the billing cycle in which that occurs, the promotional offer, rate and terms will end. We will allocate your payments to balances (including new transactions) with higher Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) before balances with lower APRs.
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