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Berenstain Bears

Financial Wellness Program

Invest in your child's future with the DFCU Berenstain Bears Financial Wellness Program!

Open a Berenstain Bears Cub Account and enhance your child's understanding of financial education with access to learning tools and special events with our furry friends. It's never too early to teach the importance of saving, sharing, learning and earning. Visit the DFCU Branch to open this account today!

  • Only $5 needed to open account
  • No monthly fee
  • Earns View rates APY+

Free Coin Deposit

Use our complimentary coin deposit machine at our DFCU Branch to let your child easily deposit their loose change into their Cub account.

Special Events Access

Access to special events and fun activities designed to help teach the value of financial wellness.

Little Library

Located near the DFCU Branch entrance, our community library operates on a "Leave a Book and Take a Book" basis, providing a diverse selection of titles for young readers.

Cub Activities

Interested in a Berenstain Bears Cub Account?

Simply provide your name and phone number and we’ll give you a call.

Call Request Form - Mobile

Or call us at 562.862.8141

  • $5 minimum deposit to open
  • Earns dividends with a $5 balance or more
  • Dividends compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Subject to Regulation D (6 withdrawals per month, including overdraft, without a signature)
  • No monthly fee
  • No fee to open

+APY as of 07/20/24