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Compare IRAs Traditional IRA Roth IRA IRA Certificate Coverdell ESA
Purpose Pre-tax retirement savings Post-tax retirement savings with more flexibility Like a Traditional or Roth IRA, but with maturity terms up to 18 months. Post-tax savings for future education expenses of someone under 18
Reason to Open this Account You plan to be in a lower tax bracket after retirement, or your income exceeds Roth IRA limitations, and want the flexibility to make withdrawals You expect to be at the same or higher tax bracket after retirement, and want the flexibility to make withdrawals You want to earn the highest interest rate, and don’t need the flexibility of withdrawals Save and earn tax-free interest to fund your child’s college education
  • Individuals under age 70½
  • No income limitations
  • Individuals of any age
  • Must fall below MAGI income limitations
Subject to either Traditional or Roth IRA eligibility Beneficiary must be a qualifying family member under the age of 18
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Flexibility of tax-deferred withdrawals
  • Some may qualify for tax-deductible contributions
  • Tax-free growth
  • Potentially tax-free withdrawals
  • Subject to either Traditional, Roth, Coverdell or SEP IRA tax limitations
  • Contributions are post-tax, but dividends are pre-tax