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0%APR1 — 6 months
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Current Introductory Offers:
0% APR* on Balance Transfers — $500 or more
0% APR* on Purchases — 6 months
^ Both Introductory Offers Begin On the Date Your Credit Card is Approved.
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Our Platinum Visa® offers one of the lowest interest rates around.2
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Benefit from fraud protection and real-time alerts.3
Flexible Repayment
Take advantage of our 21-day interest-free grace period.4
Annual Percentage Rate
Card Type
FICO 720+
Annual Percentage Rate 9.99% APR*
Card Type Platinum
FICO 680-719
Annual Percentage Rate 11.99% APR*
Card Type Platinum
FICO 640-679
Annual Percentage Rate 13.99% APR*
Card Type Classic
FICO 600-639
Annual Percentage Rate 15.99% APR*
Card Type Classic
FICO ≤599
Annual Percentage Rate 17.99% APR*
Card Type Classic
Member Perks
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Cash Advance Fees
  • From 9.99% — after Intro Period
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I make payments to my DFCU Platinum Visa® Credit Card? Payments are made through our partner’s website: MyCardInfo.
Can I use DFCU’s Platinum Visa® Credit Card internationally? Yes, you can use your Platinum Visa® Credit Card worldwide! Enjoy the convenience of accessing your funds abroad, ensuring a seamless payment experience no matter where your travels take you. DFCU Foreign Transaction Fees: Transactions made in foreign currency: 1% of each transaction in US Dollars. Foreign transactions billed in US dollars: 1% of each transaction in US Dollars.
What should I do if my DFCU Platinum Visa® Credit Card is lost or stolen? Contact Co-Op® Financial Services immediately to report the loss. We are here to help!
APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Commitment to lend is not guaranteed. Standard DFCU underwriting guidelines apply. $500 minimum / $25,000 maximum credit line. 25-day grace period on all purchases (before interest begins to accrue). Accepted worldwide, anywhere the Visa® logo is displayed. Minimum payment due each month is 2.5% of balance, with a $20 minimum. Free Convenience Checks. ATM access for cash advances, wherever the Visa® logo is displayed.
Local financial institution rate comparison as of 6.13.24. Email for details.
Activation Required. Contact Co-Op® Financial Services for support.
Grace periods last at least 21 days. As long as you pay your full statement balance by the time your payment due date rolls around, you’ll pay no interest on your purchase. Speak to a financial advisor for your personal situation.